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Accent Roofing Company & Construction is a Texas roofing contractor that knows how to properly install a great quality roof which will pass any inspection. Good customer service is not only giving our best attention to each customer but also being qualified to insure that installing the best roofing system possible for the money being paid on an insurance claim or non-insurance job is made available without cutting any corners. We consult with each customer to discover their overall goal and help our customer with color choices that make a big difference in the end result which we call curb appeal. unlike most companies we offer a 5 year Leak proof Labor Warranty (ask for details), FREE ridge vent, painted metal drip edge, we protect your delicate shrubs and plants, run a magnetic nail bar during and after roof installation and again upon completion to make sure all nails are fully removed from your yard and safe for your family. We also have a “tell your neighbors” referral program (ask for details), We are dedicated to providing you with the best in customer service and high quality work with attention to detail. Accent Roofing Company & Construction is a Texas roofing contractor that you can count on and we look forward to working with you.

Accent Roofing Company & Construction is a Texas based General Contractor insured and bonded for roofing, gutters, windows/screens, painting and stain work, fence, HVAC (A/C) combing and replacement founded in Austin and has expanded to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We founded our roofing company on the belief that we could make a difference in how the customer’s experience is felt when work ethics and personal quality are focused with it’s full attention to the customer. Our customer’s roofing installation experience is very important to us and strive to achieve the best every time. We are a locally owned and operated company that services areas from Dallas Fort Worth to Austin and surrounding areas. Our business model ensures that we operate with the best of integrity, best of intent, and we want to make your roofing replacement experience as easy and effortless as possible.

Our corporate offices and customer service operations are set up for Texas only and as a Texas roofing contractor we assume the role of a General Contractor when and if necessary. There is no need to hire five different companies to repair or replace your HVAC unit coil, or broken windows, solar window screens, fences or gutter replacement. Many hail storms cause collateral damage resulting in the need to repair or replace many different things besides the roof and this is where Accent Roofing Company steps up to the plate. Our team of experts have over 35 years of combined experience, and we are teamed with other trusted trades of whom we have established great working relationships. Accent Roofing Company will coordinate all the required trades needing repair or replacement and cover the liability. Nothing less than excellence and superior quality work will be what you will receive when you have the Accent Roofing Company experience.

Our vision, mission, and shared values are required principles for all Accent Roofing Company team members. We show these qualities when we provide our services to you. When you are happy, we are happy.

What questions should I be asking, roof tax incentives, and metal roofs?

What is the difference in the look between 25 year warranty shingles and Limited Lifetime warranty shingles? Can I upgrade from a 25 year warranty shingle to a Limited Lifetime warranty shingle? Will my insurance company cover this upgrade and how does this affect my future insurance rates?

Is my insurance company paying me enough for my property damage claim, being fair and are they acting in my best interest?

What should I do if my insurance company asks me to get three estimates to give to them? What important things should I know if I have the following insurance companies: Farmers, Allstate, and State Farm. .

We offer several metal roof panels that have the same look and feel as the very popular Standing seam metal roof but for much less cost! What roofs qualify as Energy Star®: Energy Star guidelines for residential roofing products require that products have a minimum solar reflectivity (SR value) of .25.

Additional Details:

As of 2011, U.S., homeowners who install Energy Star asphalt or metal shingles can receive a tax rebate equal to 10 percent of the materials cost, of up to $500. For Energy Star certification, energy-saving shingles must reflect at least 65 percent of solar radiation, if installed on a low-sloped roof, or 25 percent if installed on a steep-sloped roof. After three years, those percentages may drop, but they must be at least 50 and 15 percent, respectively. For more details go to www.energystar.gov/taxcredits. Please research any new information regarding this topic as it changes yearly

Metal roofs are certainly increasing in popularity and there are NOW metal roofing systems that are much less expensive than Standing seam metal roofs with the same appearance, variety of color schemes, fire and hail resistant, withstand winds of up to 140 miles per hour, Energy Star qualified, insurance premium reductions, and all recyclable.